Connect your Slack workspace to receive alerts

It's easier for teams to receive and manage alerts together in Slack. With Verb's Slack integration your designated workspace channel will receive notifications when issues arise. You'll receive alerts for the following:

  • Data Source Connection Issues and Resolutions

    • When Verb loses connectivity to a data source or property in the source.

    • When Verb reestablishes a connection with a data source or property.

  • Authentication Issues

    • When a viewer attempts to view a collection but there is an issue with the authentication.

Here's how to get started

Step 1 - Connect your Workspace

First, go to the Integrations tab in Account Settings

Then select "Connect" on the Slack Alerts section and you'll be brought to an authorization page.

Next, sign into the Slack workspace you’d like to integrate, and authorize Verb's access to Slack.

Step 2 - Select your Channel and Environments

Upon authorizing and returning to Verb, you'll be asked to select the Slack channel to post alerts in and the environments to share alerts with.

By Selecting "All Environments" any new environment added will be included in the Verb Alerts

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