Building Collections

Each Collection Type has a unique set of rules and building experiences however many features are shared to make the building experience easier.

Creating a New Collection

When creating a new collection;

  • Select the Collection Type

  • Select the Collection Folder to keep things organized

  • Select the Model the collection is built from. This will provide the data that backs the collection. This cannot be changed however it is possible to close a collection and attach it to a different model.

  • Select a Design Theme. This can be changed later.

Collection Builder

The collection builder experience queries from the Verb data lake while the published collection is backed by a materialized view table. This means that the load times in the collection builder will be slower than your embedded collection. In order to make the building experience better for admins there are a few settings that can help as your data grows.

Auto Refresh Data

As edits are made to the collection configuration queries may be run automatically or when triggered by the user. When an environment contains a large amount of data Verb will default this setting to off so that the amount of queries is reduced however this can be overridden if desired.

Preview As

Use the Preview As feature to view segmented data based on user parameters applied to the row-level security rules on the collection's model. This is a great way to test changes and build in the context of how an end-user will view the collection. The menu lists 3 types of options to preview as

  1. Admin - This will show all data, unsegmented

  2. iFrame Keys - If any iFrame keys exist in this environment with access to the collection they will appear in the list. The security parameters from the key will be applied when the key is selected.

  3. Preview Profiles - Preview Profiles create static profiles that may be used across collections that mimic end-users with static security parameters. This segments the data using the security parameters applied to the profile.

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