Elements of a Model

Model Canvas

We refer to the area in which Models are managed visually on the canvas. Tables added to the canvas will be included in the model.


Model Tables refer to tables in structured databases, objects in unstructured databases, and sheets in flat files. These are shown in the left panel within their respective data source and when added to the Model Canvas are shown as circles.

Each Data Source is assigned a color. All tables from the same Data Source will have the same color.


Model Columns refer to columns in structured databases and flat files and properties in unstructured databases. These are shown on the left panel within their respective data source tables. When a table is added to the model all of the columns in the table will be included.


Relationships connect data across tables and disparate data sources using columns that will associate respective data from each table. They allow users to report on data that comes from multiple tables in the model without requiring manual joining of data or understanding of concepts like foreign keys.

Relationships are inner joins. If necessary, other types of joins can be accomplished using a Data View transformation.

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