Flat Files

Upload static files, join them with other data sources and version files to make updates easier

Accepted Flat Files include:

  • Excel (*.xls,*.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)

  • CSV(*.csv)

  • Tab (*.txt)

Flat File Details

Flat Files can be uploaded to Verb and used as static data sources. Each file is treated as an individual data source. Every sheet in the file is treated as a table and columns are treated as columns.

Versioning Files

Flat Files can be versioned by uploading a new file from the existing data source page. When new versions are uploaded, data from the previous version is removed, versions are not appended together.

During the import process Verb will attempt to map fields however it is possible to add new fields or map columns differently upon import.

Configure your file such that the Headers are in the top row and sheet names/tabs (if used) are named clearly.

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