Synchronization History

Tracking the interaction history of your data source

Verb keeps a rolling 30 day audit log of all the interactions with your data source. Each time our system connects to a database or reads from a cloud-hosted file, our system logs the success or failure of that interaction. If you're data source is configured to synchronize data every hour, then your data source will have 24 historical log entries per day. These entries are a sign of the overall health of the data synchronization process.

When errors occur, Verb will attempt to handle the issue and fall back gracefully. For example, if one table cannot be read (for example due to column changes), the remainder of the tables will still be queried. You can follow our troubleshooting steps to diagnose and fix any issues that occur.

Clicking any object (table) in your data source will show the last 24 hours of synchronization history by default. You can view previous synchronizations day by day.

The 30 day view gives a broader picture of the success over time and can help to identify periodic failures that may arise.

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