Authentication and Security

Securing your Data Access API


If you are only using Verb for API collections please select “API Collections Only” so that the authentication method will only require response mapping values that will be used to define Data Access Key parameters and in the Row Level Security configuration.

The Response Mapping Properties only need to contain the information that will be used to segment data. For example, Most Verb user’s use values such as Organization, Role and/or User ID.

You will select the Property Type to configure the values allowed when creating a Data Access Key.

If you are using Verb for both Visual and API Collections please refer to the Authentication Endpoint documentation.


Row Level Security

You will set the segmentation rules by using the row level security configuration on any table(s) in your model. With the relationship paths drawn, row level security rules will apply from one table across the model to all tables that it is related to.

Using the Response Mapping Properties set on the authentication method you'll be able to create as simple or complex row level security rules necessary.

To create row level security rules, open a table options panel and select Row Level Security. Here is where you set the rules.

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