Cloud Files

Google Sheets and Google Drive are treated as updating flat files

Accepted Flat Files include:

  • Excel (*.xls,*.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)

  • CSV(*.csv)

  • Tab (*.txt)

Cloud File Details

You will be prompted to connect a Google account then select the sheet you would like to sync with Verb.

Once connected you will be able to select the tabs and columns that you would like to sync and the frequency the sheet data is synced with Verb.

Each file is treated as an individual data source. Every sheet in the file is treated as a table and columns are treated as columns.

Verb does not map values across versions and therefore new versions and files being updated must contain the exact same formatting.

i.e. the file name, sheet names, and columns must be the same.

When the cloud file is updated, data from previous versions is removed, versions are not appended together.

Configure your file such that the Headers are in the top row and sheet names/tabs (if used) are named clearly.

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