What is a Tile
Tiles contain data visualizations and information. They are used to populate dashboard and contextual tile collections to showcase your data in a variety of desired formats. Verb is always adding more visualization types and styles. If you don't see a tile type that you need for your collection please reach out and we'll discuss adding it to our roadmap.
Great visualizations are clear, accurate and succinct to clearly demonstrate information to your users.

Tile Types

KPI Tiles

Key Performance Indicators by definition are critical to monitor and track to keep on top of company growth and performance.
Whether you are tracking pageviews, orders over the last week, or current return on investment, KPI tiles provide straightforward number values to show your metrics quickly.
The KPI Tiles display a value generated from the selected table column(s). This value can be aggregated to show a summation value of the column, a count of individual entries, or several other aggregation functions.
  • Single KPI/Number
    • Displays a single value that summarizes the values from the selected field. Displays a single data value and can include comparison values to a previous data range.
  • Group KPI/Number
    • Displays values from a specified column grouped based on a secondary table column. The Group field sorts the data based on the same column values, and displays the actual KPI value for each group.
    • Facilitates making advanced KPIs such as Total Orders grouped by Store ID, or Field Goals grouped by Team all in one place.
  • KPI List
    • Generates a table of KPI values in a list format.
    • Values are displayed as numbers, thereby any text strings are counted by default

Visual Tiles

Visual tiles include Axis charts and graphs which display the data over an X and Y axis as well as dimensionless circular displays like pie charts and gauges which compare values or show progress to a target amount.

Axis Charts

  • Vertical Bar Graph
    • Display data vertically along an X and Y axis Horizontal Bar Display data horizontally along an X and Y axis
  • Line (Graph)
    • Displays the data on a graph with a line connecting all points
  • Area Line
    • Displays the data on a graph with a line connecting all points and the area below the line shaded in
  • Combo
    • Displays data as a line graph with the functionality to overlay a vertical bar graph over the same X axis

Pie Chart

  • Pie Chart
    • Displays data by category.
  • Donut chart
    • Display data by category with the ability to add aggregate data and labels in the center.

Gauge Chart

  • Circular Gauge chart
    • Displays data as progress towards a goal.

Table Tiles

Standard Table
  • Displays a table with the actual values and aggregated values from the selected columns.
Pivot Tables
  • Pivot data to allow different aggregations for your users.

Other Tile Types

Downloadable Data Tiles

  • Enables the end-user to download a report by selecting the displayed button within the collection.

Organizational Tiles- Container Tile

  • Enables multiple tiles to occupy the same space on the canvas. Each tile within the container must be individually configured within the Container Tile.
  • Switch between tiles with the display options including Dropdown, Buttons or Tabs
Section Title Tile
  • Creates sections within a dashboard collection. It will always be 24 wide by 1 tall (full width)
  • The Tile can match the existing tile background or it can have a transparent background.
Text Tile
  • Use markdown to include details for your users in the text tile.
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