Map Values

Enables changing values within a column with a specified Mapping formula or based on comparison criteria from a related table. If the expected values are not found, the Map Value transformation step can return;

  • Original value

  • Null value

  • Blank/empty string

  • Write custom value

The results can either Override Input Column, or create a new Column.

When value replacement is a list of custom values, you can paste a 2 column tab delimited list from Excel (or similar) by clicking the Paste Multiple Values button.

Search is not case sensitive.

When performing a replacement on a text column from List of Custom Values, you can use {blank} to represent an empty string and {null} to represent a null value:

The percent sign % is the search wildcard to be used to match any characters before and after the string to search.

i.e. %verb% returns all values which include the word “verb” anywhere in the text string

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