Row-Level Security

Row-level security determines the data from a model that end-users are allowed to access through collections (dashboards, etc). The rules can be set on one or more tables in a model and only data that satisfies all rules will be accessible to end-users.

Row-level security rules are not required on every table in a model. Where relationship paths are drawn, row-level security rules will apply from the referenced table across the model to all related tables.

Row-Level security configurations are set independently on the Static and Active Authentication methods and they are unique per model and environment.

Configuring Row-Level Security

To configure row-level security on a table, open the table menu from the canvas or left panel. The Row-level Security configuration panel will open where you may set the rules for the selected table.

To create the rules you will use the Boolean logic format and three different value type options to configure the rule(s).

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User Values

User Values are configured in the Authentication section of Environment Settings. These values are the properties provided through the SDK, Data Access API Key, and iFrame Key that identify the end-user.

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