Highlight Shortest Path

Highlight Shortest Path enables identification of relationships between Tables and highlights the relationship path with the least amount of steps.

To highlight the shortest path, select Highlight Shortest Path from the table menu on the canvas or the left panel.

This resolves a querying Error in Collections.

When multiple paths with the same number of intermediate tables between two tables, Verb does not decide which path to follow, and the Collection will display an error when querying from both tables.

Option 1 - Remove one of the relationship paths to resolve the discrepancy, creating a single shortest path.

Option 2 - Create a Data View that combines the required data and use this Data View in the collection.

Preview Data

To view the data in a table use Preview Data. Preview Data shows all of the columns and first 100 rows in the table.

Sort arranges the displayed rows, and Search returns the first 100 results from the entire Table.

To preview data, select the “Preview Data” option from the table menu on the canvas or left panel.

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