Relationships connect data and create more options when building collections

Create a Relationship

Once you’ve added at least two tables to the model canvas you will be able to create a relationship between the tables.

To establish a relationship start by selecting a table on the canvas. A circular menu will appear with options on this table, select “Create Relationship”.

Upon selecting “Create Relationship” you will have an arrow on your cursor, select the other table.

After two tables are selected, a left panel will slide out where you will then select the columns used to relate the data from the two tables. Next, select the “+” button and the relationship will be established.

Suggested Relationships

Verb creates Suggested Relationships for tables in your model that are based on existing relationships in your database and column and tables names.

You can find suggestions at the top of the left panel or in the table menu on the canvas and left panel. To add the suggested relationship select the blue plus button to the right of the suggested relationship.

This button is only visible when there are suggested relationships among the tables added to the model canvas.

Remove Relationships

To remove a relationship, select the relationship line and then select the trash can that appears on the highlighted line.

When removing a Relationship, Verb will validate that the Relationship is not used in a collection or a transformation. If the Relationship is used in a collection the system will alert you to which collections will be impacted. You cannot remove a relationship used in any step of a transformation.

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