Add/Remove Data

The First step in creating your model in Verb is to add data to the model canvas.

Adding Data

To add data to your model you’ll select the tables from your connected data sources. To do this you can:

  • Drag a table onto the canvas from the side panel

  • Select the add button that appears when hovering on tables in the left panel

  • Add all tables from a data source by selecting the “Add All” button when hovering on the data source.

Removing Data

To remove data from your model you will need to remove tables from the model canvas. The remove option is available on the model canvas in the table menu or on the left panel in the table.

When removing a table, Verb will validate that the table is not used in a collection or a transformation. If the table is used in a collection the system will alert you to which collections will be impacted. You cannot remove a table used in any step of a transformation.

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