Tile Actions

Tile Actions make your collections actionable. End-users can drill into data, expand tiles, control filters and navigate to other areas of your system. This makes Verb collections feel even more native to your system and give your end-users the ability to discover more.

There are 3 types of tile actions in Verb.

  1. Open New Tile - This allows the user to select a dimension or category in the parent tile that opens a child tile that is filtered using the selected values.

  2. Control Filters - This uses the value selected by the end-user to override the collection level filter criteria. All tiles that are connected to the collection filter will automatically be updated with the new parameters.

  3. Navigate To URL / Execute Javascript - This can be used to direct users into different section of the host application or trigger Javascript parameters for the host application to take an action.

Open New Tile Action

Open New Tile allows users to select a dimension or category and open a secondary (or child) tile with more information. This secondary tile will display data based on the field selected on the primary (parent) tile. The secondary tile can either be opened in a new modal, or opened within the selected tile.

  • On Table Tiles there is an additional setting to control how the configured fields are applied as fitlers to the child tile.

    • Additive Filter Logic will apply all configured filter values to the child tile when the end-user selects any active field on the row.

    • Exclusive Filter Logic will apply only the selected value as a filter on the child tile when the end-user selects the field in the table.

    • For example, If there are 5 columns in the table and 2 of these columns are configured as action fields, when the user selects one of the fields;

      • Additive Filter Logic will apply both action field values from this row of data when opening the child tile.

      • Exclusive Filter Logic will only apply the values selected when opening the child tile. It will not apply the second action field value as a filter.

Control Filter Tile Action

Control Filters is a simple way to enable cross-filtering in your dashboard collection. In order for this option to be available the tile must have the same field as a dimension or category as a collection level filter. It is possible to create the collection level filter as a hidden filter if it should not be displayed as an option to the end-user.

The Navigate to Tile Action helps turn the dashboard into a launchpad into the rest of the host application. If the is a table displaying order information by customer, use a Navigate to Tile Action to direct the user to that customer's profile in another area of the host application. The parameters that are available to use in the URL or Javascript are fields from tables that are used in the tile or response mapping parameters that are passed via the Active Authentication SDK.

Navigate to URL

Trigger Javascript

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