Connect Data Sources

The first step to create a Data Access API

Connect Data Sources from the Overview by selecting the Plus Sign or the Data Source Page by selecting the Add Data Source button. Choose the applicable Database Engine, API integrations, Cloud Connection or File Upload from the menu provided. Notify the Verb Team if you are using a Data Source type not currently available for resolution.

Connection Configuration

Within your Data Source Server, generate a read only access account for Verb. Input the relevant Server Credentials, as well as the Verb Username and Password into the Verb Connection Configuration.

Select Tables for Sync

Customize which Tables should be imported and select the import method. Methods include incremental, Change Data Capture, Change Tracking, and Full.

Customize the Sync intervals for each Table based on your data and UI needs. The Bulk Edit Tables feature enables you to select which tables to modify at the same time.

Other features include:

Sync Indicator


Force Full Sync

Force Incremental Sync


Customize the Columns within each Tables on the Column tab. Select individual columns within each Table through either selecting Tables from the drop down, or stepping through each table through the Next/Previous Table buttons.

You can configure Column Type, Default Aggregation and Display Field for each column within a table.

Example: Date Fields provide you the option of selecting type of Date (Local, UTC, Unqualified).

Table Filters

Use Where clauses to filter out data you do not want to report on at the Row Level.

Example: Filter out invalid orders.

Sync your Data

Review your configuration and press Sync. Sync times will vary based on your data source and quantify of data.

Next step is setting up your model.

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Data Source Connection Guide

Connecting your data sources to Verb will create a sync configuration and process that Verb will use to ingest data. Learn more about data sources in the Data Sources Doc Section.

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