Select Data

The third step in creating a Data Access API

To select the data that you would like to share with your end-users you’ll create an API collection. You must have your data sources and a model created in order to create a collection. However, you can easily refine your model if there is missing data or you need different data accomplished with a data transformation.

Configure Fields

You will select the fields to include in your API Collection on the Fields tab using the Add Field buttons. The actual values section will always show the non-aggregated data and aggregated fields will allow you to select the aggregation types.

To adjust the name of the field or the aggregation type select configure on the individual field. You may reorder the fields within their section (Actual or Aggregated fields). Actual fields will always be listed before the Aggregated fields.

Set Collection Filters

You may define filters that end-user are allowed to use in their requests. A filter can be set on fields that are dates, text, numbers or Boolean.

To create filters for users go to the Filters tab on the collection page and select the Add New Filter button. Then select the type of data and the field to filter on. You will need to select the default filter criteria in case the request does not contain filter criteria.

Filters are shown in the UI of the collection page for your convenience in testing.

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