Complete and Publish

Complete Transformation

A transformation is complete when the Transformation Input(s), active Transformation Steps and the Transformation Output are properly connected and do not display errors which are indicated in red.

Review the Transformation Output Data Preview to ensure the desired data output is being provided.

Publish Transformation

Select publish at the top right corner of the transformation canvas. The confirmation modal will confirm there are no errors in the transformation prior to allowing the transformation to be published.

The modal will also display that publishing will update this model. Every inheriting collection must be republished to incorporate the new transformation configuration within the embedded collection(s).

Select Publish on the confirmation modal to publish the transformation to the Model.

All inheriting collections must be republished. Confirm the changes within the transformation do not result in data errors within the collection prior to publishing the collection.

Re-Publish Inheriting Collection

To publish a collection open the collection and select the publish button in the top right.

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