Tile Management

Cloning Tiles

Cloning tiles can be done within Dashboard Collections. When cloning a dashboard tile all display and configuration settings of the selected tile are copied into a new tile. The new tile can be cloned within the same dashboard collection or it can be cloned to another dashboard collection.

  • Clone - Will create a copy of the tile and place the copy at the bottom of the dashboard collection

  • Clone to - Will create a copy of the tile and allow you to select which collection to send the copy to. If the clone to collection uses a different model you will be prompted to map fields.

Verb also allows cloning of any collection.

Deleting Tiles

In the display Tab within the Tile, select More on the bottom of the left panel and select Delete Tile. In the collection, hover over the tile to display the 3 dot ellipsis menu and select delete.

Tile Design

Most design settings are controlled at the Design Theme level however some properties are controlled at the tile level. Learn more in the Design Theme section here.

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