Synchronization Status

Once a data source has been configured, synchronization will repeat at the configured interval. The status of a given data source, tables/documents, and fields will generally show a healthy, online status. However in some situations the status may change due to changes in the underlying database.

The data source overview shows the current health of your data source's objects (tables) and the results of the last data synchronization. The data in the right-hand column shows daily totals across your entire data source.

Clicking on any given row will show historical details on each synchronization attempt.

Synchronization Results


Healthy is the nominal status indicating the last synchronization attempt was successful.


A table can be manually paused if you wish to temporarily halt data ingestion. A manually paused table status indicates no current synchronization will occur, but the table is otherwise assumed to be healthy. In the event the table cannot be queried, Verb will automatically put the system in a Paused state until the issue is resolved.


This status indicates the table or data source is not accessible and Verb cannot automatically recover from the issue. In this case, you will need to take action to address the issue with your database or remove the related schema from your Verb configuration before Verb can continue to ingest data.

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