Data Model

The second step in creating a Data Access API

The data model in Verb defines what tables will be available to select from and the relationship paths that connect tables and data sources. You may also create data transformations and store these as new views in the model or add them as columns to existing tables.

The tables added to a model are not automatically available to end-users of the API. Configuring the fields available via API will be done in the next step, selecting data.

Select Tables

The first step in creating your model is to add tables to the canvas. To do this, select "add" on the table or "Add All" on the data source level to drop the tables you want onto the canvas. Tables on the canvas are will be available in the model when creating a collection.

If you're modeling with unstructured data Verb treats each object as a table so that relationships can be created across sources.


Relationships are created between tables by selecting the fields to match on. Verb honors foreign keys from structured databases and between objects on unstructured data.

To create a new relation select a table on the canvas or left panel, using the 'options' button. In the table options panel select manage relationships. You'll see;

  • Suggested Relationships - These are inherited from you data source.

  • Existing Relationships - Relationships established on the model already.

  • Create Relationships - Where you'll be able to connect fields from different tables in the model.

Transformations (ELT Pipeline)

Visually define and sequence operations using Verb’s drag-and-drop transformation builder - no-code required. You may add new columns to existing tables or create new data views. A table must be added to the model in order for the data to be available in transformations.

If you have these transformations pre-built you can share them as part of the ingestion process and they will function just as a normal table or field.

To set a transformation live you'll need to publish the transformation. If edits are made you may publish the updates when ready.

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