Data Access API Keys

Sharing the Data Access API

Create Key

To share access with users you’ll first create a Data Access Key.

Data Access Keys contain the parameters set on the Response Mapping Properties and collection permissions. Meaning that a key defines what data is accessible by this key (using row-level security rules) and which collections this key can access.

Creating a new key can be accomplished on a collection page, from the 'share' button in the top right or in the environment settings section.

Share Key

The last step in creating a Data Access Key is sharing it with your end-user. During the create new key flow you'll have the option to send the key to an email or you can share an existing key from the environment settings section.

When sharing the key the recipient will receive an email with an link that contains their Data Access Key and the documentation necessary to access the endpoint and pull data. The link will expire in 48 hours and if needed you can share the key with the user again.

Editing Keys

If you need to edit the response mapping properties and change collection access of a key you can do that from the environment settings section. The options are;

  • Key Parameters - Adjust the response mapping properties

  • Collection Access - Add/remove access to collections

  • Reveal Key - View the key to use yourself or share manually

  • Roll Key - This occurs immediately

  • Share Key - This sends a time sensitive link to view the key and documentation

  • Delete Key - Adios key

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