General Theme Settings


Canvas settings are used as the top-level settings on the theme. The font options (Size, Family, Color) will be inherited through the theme to other properties where overrides can be made.


  • Tile Styles apply to the chart tiles on the dashboard and contextual tile collections. The tile style will also be used if the is a modal dialogue presented to end-users.

  • Container Tile settings are applied to all container tiles using the theme. However, the style of the container can be selected at the tile level. It’s important to note that the tab and button options may collapse into a dropdown style on smaller screens.


Each button style is used in different applications.

Primary Button

  • Filter Dashboard Button

  • Date range picker buttons

  • Download Table Tile

  • Button Default background color used on radio buttons and checkboxes

Secondary Button

  • More Filters button

  • Table pagination buttons

Download Button

  • Filter Area Download Button

Button Toggle & Group

  • Multi-Select Text Filters

Hyper Link Button

  • Tile Action indicators on Tables

  • Text Tile Hyperlinks

Components and Inputs

Components and input styles are applied across collections from dashboard filters and menu lists.

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